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A Day in Marseille

1h20 from Villa Bam Bam by the highway, you can easily spend a day there to get away from it all and discover this endearing and facetious city which is full of surprises.

You will find below some ideas for shopping, restaurants, walks and culture. And if you want to know how we spend our day in Marseille here are some tips: we start the day with a wandering in the Empereur house, this 19th century hardware store, a jewel, a huge maze out of time, impossible to leave without buying something there. Next door, l'Epicerie Ideale for a selection of specialized products and a street higher, rue longue des Capucins, you enter the souk of Marrakech with its spice shops. Once your appetite is whetted, head to one of the many restaurants in the neighborhood or take the shuttle to reach Les Goudes by boat and have lunch there after admiring the coast from the sea.

Our Favorite tables

A starred restaurant : Une Table au Sud. A few tables in a cozy setting, seasonal cuisine inspired by the Marseille region enhanced by chef Ludovic Turac, an unbeatable view of the Old Port and the Bonne-Mère and perfect service.

Unusual: Les Beaux Mets, in the Beaumettes prison. Reservation (and blank locker) required.

Trendy: Tuba Club in Les Goudes. We find the menu a little expensive but the setting is magical at the entrance to the port, the attentive waiters and the festive atmosphere.

Table de Quartier (facing the sea): The Café de l'Abbaye. A table frequented by the Marseillais to take the pulse of the city and enjoy the sunset over the sea.

Classic: A great classic nestled in the Vallon des Auffes since 1952, Chez Fonfon offers one of the best bouillabaisse in Marseille.

Authentic: The Grand Bar of Goudes. By Goudes lovers, delicious and generous seafood cuisine.


La Maison Empereur, One of Marseille's jewels: a 19th century hardware store where you can find everything, it's beautiful, it smells good, you're hooked.

Sessùn Alma: The soul of Sessùn, a French fashion brand from Marseille, transposed into a selection of artisans, artists, limited series and sunny cuisine.

L'Epicerie Idéale : "ici, il y a tout, sauf ce qui manque"

Okjö, a zero waste shop in Malmousque

Les puces de Fifi Turin, a collective of antique dealers in Marseille


MUCEM, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations is an architectural treasure

La Friche La Belle de mai: An artistic factory, a space of life and culture in Marseille La Friche is a cultural adventure conducted for 20 years on 45,000 m2 of the former tobacco factory in Marseille

La Cité Radieuse de Le Corbusier ,listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a vertical garden city, a set of individual dwellings inserted into a collective structure is designed as a laboratory for a new "housing system".

La basilique Notre Dame de la Garde, called the Good Mother, who watches over sailors, fishermen and all Marseille residents since 1864.

And many other museums whose program you can find here:


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